Asolare in Macedonia
This exhibition of 38 works on paper by 38 Asolare Fellows, American and Macedonian, organized by the City of Skopje, Macedonia in collaboration with Art Point Gumno, and the Asolare Fine Arts Foundation, was exhibited at the Center for Culture and Information in Skopje, opening July 6, 2006.
Asolare Fellows are artists who have been selected to show works in exhibitions organized by the Asolare Fine Arts Foundation, or have had a residency at Asolare.
The artists in this exhibition are: Michael Alexander, Raed Al-Rawi, Sergej Andreevski, Greg Arens, A’Court Bason, Kevin Calhoun, John Chapman, Alex Clark, Katherine Condon, Annitta Crook, Robert Cvetkovski, Vernessa Riley Foelix, Joshua Harris, Jimmy Holcomb, Chip Holton, Shanta Houser, Caroline Huff, Nathaniel Kaz, Curtis Kelly, Duncan Lewis, Raeford Liles, Marcia McDade, Jim Moon, Michael Mosca, Delfina Nahrgang, David Nance, Daniel Peddle, Richard Phillips, Michael Presley, Jenny Rembert, Eleanor Reuer, Ron Ridgeway, Dick Roberts, Siglinda Scarpa, Harold Stevenson, Gayle Tustin, Pamela Wallace Toll, and Gilbert Young.
Cork Gallery 2006 Lincoln Center NYC
Fifty-one paintings by sixteen artists complete the Asolare Fine Arts Foundation’s Eleventh Annual Exhibition at the Cork Gallery in Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall, New York City, July 14th through July 24th, 2006.
Works range from abstract to relistic, oil on canvas to guache on paper. The youngest artist is 18, the oldest 78. The artists, who come from Illinois, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, St. Barths, and Virginia, are Monique Aubin, A’Court Bason, John Cahoon, John Chapman, Ellison Hargis, Shanta Hauser, Chip Holton, Jim Moon, Michael Mosca, Abigail Nussbaum, Michael Presley, Samantha Quick, Ron Ridgeway, Courtney Roker, Krissy Talbert, and Victavious Wilson.